Retail operations: Collecting, storing, and executing tasks with customer data.

In today’s world, collecting data and basing decisions on the calculated data is critical to success, especially in the retail market. In today's blog, we’ll be exploring the collection, storage, and use of retail data. Retailers depend directly on consumers for their business growth, which has placed shopper experience and customer satisfaction at the top of the priority list, making customer and market research very important. The introduction of big data in retail allows retailers to curate more relevant, valuable, and enjoyable experiences for their shoppers since customer data allows retail owners to understand what influences purchase decisions. …

This blog post will be all about data collection, and how GDPR works in relation to marketing information systems!

To start, I am going to discuss what data collection is, and when and how companies can use it. Data collection is exactly what it says on the tin, it is when companies collect personal data from us (consumers). In terms of personal data, companies can request personal data from you, the consumer. Once a company requests personal data, your data protection rights must be respected. (Europa, 2018)

So, this begs the question:

When can companies collect data from you?


Data Poisoning

As machine learning and deep learning take further grip on our society, it is paramount that we are aware of the data these systems can collect on us. What is really surprising, is that these algorithms collect TONNES of data on us daily, without us ever realising! The global cyber security market was estimated by IDC to be worth $107 billion in 2019, growing to $151 billion by 2023, so there is no wonder as to why data is so valuable nowadays.

Data poisoning is a sort of outside the box way of combatting this fact. Instead of trying to…

Social media platforms use Big Data to analyze their users’ behavior. With this information, they offer up advertisement space to businesses both big and small. This advertisement space is unique as the ad will be directed towards an audience who would be more likely to show interest, this is known as targeted advertising.


Facebook uses its monitoring tools to record everything. And I mean everything, from what websites their users visit outside of Facebook, to how long they hold their cursor over certain parts of the page. …

Do you ever question whether your phone is listening to you? Ever wondered how ads for couches appear on Facebook after you were researching online? Well this is all down to Big Data. Digital marketers and social media platforms utilize Big Data to “read your mind” and target ads to the right consumers.

What is Big Data?

Big data is an information system that manages extremely large and complex data sets. It can be used for predictive and user behavior analytics by various companies and organizations to gain a competitive advantage in their industry.(Gwinnett College, 2017)

How does social media use Big Data?

Social media marketers use big data to judge…


Before you are allowed to navigate the majority of web pages these days, you are hit with the all too familiar “Please Accept Cookies” request. Some of you may routinely deny these requests or even ignore them, however, many web surfers will accept. What are you accepting? What information have you just handed over? In this Blog post I will take you through the basics of Cookies, their meanings, how they can improve your browsing experience and also the risks associated with them.

But first, what are Cookies?

Cookies are a small piece of data from a specific website that is stored on a user’s…

Welcome to the first blog post for our information systems module! It’s not only the first blog but a predecessor and introduction to a more in-depth quest to research the topic of marketing information systems. Yes I am a blog virgin who doesn’t even read blogs but I hope to keep you engaged as I delve into the very interesting subject that is information systems.

I should probably kick off the blog post series by introducing my teammates who will be maintaining this blog post with me. My name is Michael Leahy and I am currently a third year Engineering…

Information Systems

A series of blogs to delve into the topic of marketing information systems.

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